Name Your Price on Any Property

Why limit yourself to listed properties? Proffer allows you to make non-binding offers on any property, in any location. Pop in ANY address on our search, learn more about the property and value, and make a fair offer. We’ll do the rest.


No Need for Agents

At Proffer, we empower buyers and sellers to connect directly on properties. You know what you’re looking for more than anyone else, so we take out the need for a pricey, pushy middleman. Proffer puts you in control and saves you big money.


Proffer Concierge

Buying and selling a property is a big decision, and our concierge is there to help you every step of the way throughout the transaction. Additionally, we will connect you to mortgage services, escrow companies and real estate attorneys—everything you need, we got you covered. Our mission is to make your transaction easy and give you peace of mind.


Our Values


To empower our customers by putting them in control of buying and selling their properties


To make the process simple and straightforward, and accessible from anywhere


To ensure our process and people are always transparent, and put customers’ interests above all else



To give our customers every possible option by going beyond listed properties, and creating the option to make offers on every property, not just those listed.



To give back to the local
communities we serve

As a real estate investor who likes to buy and flip properties, Proffer's ability to put an offer on any property is like a gift from god. No longer do I do this manually, I just went online, identified the property I wanted and let Proffer do the work. Proffer saved me tons of time (and money).
David R.


My lifelong dream was to build my own modern neighborhood in a hip walkable area—but in Portland getting one property is almost impossible let alone a bunch of them in a row. Well, Proffer got me 8 in a row and made it a win-win for everybody! My agent proffered a deal with multiple property owners (that didn’t even have their homes for sale) plus another one that was a complicated short sale involving multiple creditors, attorneys and title problems he had to resolve. He even found one of the sellers a new home to buy, and one was able to retire off of the deal! Everybody is happy and none of us could have done it without Proffer!

Zachery S.

Off market buyer

Yeah, I had a knock on the door. Somebody offered me a “Proffer” – I didn’t know what the h*** that was. At the end of the day, I was able to sell my home for top dollar, the same Proffer contact found me an off market property – which I purchased with cash from the proceeds from my sale and I am NOW completely debt free and retired.

Dan F.

Off market seller & buyer of off market property

I received a phone call from Proffer (concierge) and he said he had someone to buy my house if I was interested. You know what? I have never even thought about someone ever wanting to purchase my home; the main reason I never tried selling it. When the concierge asked if I wanted to sell my house for a price I never thought imaginable – I said YES!

Calvin W.

Off market seller

Omg I was about to lose my home I had creditors breathing down my neck, I made a hail Mary call to Proffer based on the information on their website and loan behold, creditors off my back, my home didn’t go into foreclosure. I was able to get my home sold, pay off the creditors, never would have been able to do this without Proffer, I can’t believe more people don’t know about this.

Ricardo E.

Off Market Seller

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