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our purpose.

Here at Proffer, we began with a simple goal - to transform an industry that does not meet the needs of consumers. For over one hundred years, the real estate industry has been controlled by middlemen who have kept the transaction process complicated by design. With this in mind, we decided to simplify that process and give control back to the consumer.

How you may ask? By creating a person-to-person network where buyers and sellers connect directly for a seamless and transformative experience.

Imagine being able to walk down any street in the world, browse real estate, tour homes, and bid on any property - commercial or residential - with just the click of a button. Now imagine being able to transact a real estate deal right from your mobile phone, commission free.... thats right no commissions. Just open our app, hold up your phone, and shop the real estate around you in real time.

At Proffer we believe that empowerment is everything. All of the information you need is right in front of you. Now is the time to take back control of your real estate experience. Proffer even assigns you an on-demand concierge team to help guide you through the whole process. Everyone is empowered to be the hero of their own journey. Proffer is simply here to provide the tools and guidance necessary to succeed.

We all desire to belong to something greater than ourselves. Are you ready to be part of the movement?

our values.

These are at the very core of everything we do

join us.

join the movement and see why real estate will never be the same

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